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Commercial Pipe Freezing Services

Client – Titan Group

Site Location – Compass School, Essex

Contract Duration – One Day




Pipe Freezing Services Supplied:

12 Liquid Nitrogen Freezes carried out on various pipework in two separate underground pipe voids.

Key Highlights of Services:

Our engineers attended the site during normal working hours to carry out 12 pipe freezes, please see a breakdown of the works below:

  • Low Temperature Hot Water (LTHW) pipework, on the flow and return, four freezes in total
  • Hot Water pipework, on the flow and return, four freezes in total
  • Cold Water pipework, mains water and down water service, four freezes in total

Once each of the 12 freezes had taken hold, our engineers then cut and capped off the pipework.

Following on from this, we reconnected the poly pipework supplying the welfare units on site.

Once the works were finished, the site was cleared of all redundant items and disposed of at a licensed refuse/recycling facility.


Result of  Works:

All 12 pipes were successfully capped off in two separate underground areas.

Going forward this allows the old school to be demolished and make way for the second phase of he new school to be built.




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