Hot Tapping Services

New Branch Connections with Hot Tapping

Our Hot Tapping Services enables new branch connections to be made to existing pipework systems without the need to drain down or isolate the system.

Our highly experienced and professional team of engineers can make live pipework systems.

Furthermore, hot tapping services can be carried out on water systems with no disruption to services.

As a result, for your future growth plant room plans, you can then for example, install new valves, extend the pipework if un a new branch.

Above all, when installing new hot taps with this method, ultimately you will save time and money.


The benefits of using our Hot Tapping Services

Our highly experienced engineers do not need to shut off the flow of the pipework when the hot taps are being inserted. For you, this means much less disruption and downtime for your business. Furthermore, this allows you to add a new line, which can branch off to other parts of the plant for later use.


Need to add Hot Taps for a new line or branch?

Ideally with no disruption to services?

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  • What is Hot Tapping?

    It is the process that facilitates making a new connection to existing pipework. As a result, this connection allows for a new line or branch to be added at a later date. The Hot Tap is carried out while making a live connection to live pipework with no disruption to services.

  • Are the Connections Live?

    We make connections to live pipework to then connect the ‘hot tap’.

  • What's the benefits of Hot Tapping Services?

    This service does not require the pipework to be shut off when alternations take place. Resulting in much less disruption and downtime for your business. Therefore, once the new valve is added, you can add a new line that can branch off to other parts of the plant for later use.