Pipe Freezing Services

Pipework Modifications with Pipe Freezing

Do you need any general pipework modifications? Have you considered pipe freezing services using liquid nitrogen?

By freezing the pipework, it’s faster and cheaper to carry out valve replacements and other general pipework modifications. What’s more, if you traditionally drain down the system to carry out maintenance or pipework modifications, this can be timely and cost more. 

There is no need to drain down the system – saving you time and money!

Pipework isolation is carried out by freezing the contents with liquid nitrogen in a controlled method using specialist equipment and monitoring techniques.Freezing the pipework and its contents will hold back the fluid in the system so that any repairs or replacements can be carried out safely and quickly.



What is pipe freezing?

It’s a temporary method to freeze the pipework using liquid nitrogen to make pipework modifications, rather than draining down the system


When can pipe freezing be used?

The types of pipeline materials that can be isolated are:

Copper | Steel/Stainless Steel | Carbon steels | Aluminum/Nickel alloys | Cast iron | Epoxy coated pipes

Please note, we do not freeze plastic pipes.


Pipe fluids which can be isolated are listed below

Mains water | Sea water | Effluents/Sewage | Produced water | Contaminated water | Crude oil | Bunker Coils | Fuel oils | Methanol | Lubrication oils | Various chemical products


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Pipework Freezes (25+ freezes, across four sites) 

Pipework Freezes Pipework Freezes Pipework Freezes

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can we avoid draining down the whole system?

    By using our Pipe Freezing Services you can avoid draining down the whole system – which saves you time and money! By stopping the water follow with pipe freezing you can then carry out the works required to the pipework.

  • Is liquid nitrogen safe to use?

    For IDWe Pipe Freezers we are trained professionals with various accreditations. Allowing us to safely apply ‘Freezing Jackets’ around the area to poor in the liquid nitrogen and start the freeze process.

  • What's the Pipe Freezing process?

    Apply a freezing jacket, poor in liquid nitrogen onto the external surface of the pipe where the jacket is sitting. The nitrogen then cools the exterior of the pipe enough for the liquid to solidify. The frozen fluid isolates a section of the pipe so that repairs or modifications can be carried out.

What other services do we offer?


Hot Tapping Services

Hot Tapping Contractor Hot Tapping Contractor Hot Tapping Contractor

Do you need to add a new line to your pipework?

We carry out hot tapping services to allow you to add a hot tap.

Valve Fitting/Replacement

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Is your pipe work leaking? Does your valve need replacing?

We carry out valve replacement services.


Welding Services

Pipe Welding

Custom made welding services available fabricated in our inhouse workshop.


Electrical Services

Electrical Services

Installs/maintenance for LV Power, Lighting, Switch Panels & more, discover our Electrical Services.


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