Gate Valve Installation Specialist Services at Tate Modern

Specialist Gate Valve Fittings

Client – Kent Climate Solutions Ltd

Site Location – Tate Modern Gallery, Bankside, London

Contract Duration – One Day




Pipe Freezing Services Supplied:

Two Gate Valve Installed for the Tate Modern Galley, London

Key Highlights of Services:

Our experienced engineers attended the site to carry out our pipe freezing services to replace two Gate Valves.

Firstly, we applied a freeze jacket around the discharge pipework and then poured liquid nitrogen into the jacket. This allowed the area to freeze and the flow to stop.

Once it had taken hold, we were able to remove the old 100mm discharge Gate Valve and replace with a new one.

Secondly, our team then carried out a replacement for a 80mm Gate Valve.

Lastly, we then allowed the pipework to thaw and checked for leaks.

IDWe Ltd supplied both replacement Gate Valves and the works were carried out of normal working hours.


Result of  Works:

All 12 pipes were successfully capped off in two separate underground areas.

Going forward this allows the old school to be demolished and make way for the second phase of he new school to be built.




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