Gate Valves Replacement at the Royal Exchange

Six New Gate Valves Replaced

Client – Polyteck Building Services Ltd

Site Location – Royal Exchange, London

Contract Duration – 1-2 days (out of hours, weekend works)


Highlights of Gate Vales Replacement Services Included

Five of our specialist Pipe Freezing engineers attended the Royal Exchange in the City of London.

The works started by removing the existing hammerclad pipework insulation for access to the 100mm pipework. After that, we could start the process to replace the requested six gate valves.

Firstly, we applied freeze jackets with liquid nitrogen, one before the existing gate valve up high and another below after the gate valve to stop the flow.

Secondly, once the pipework freezes had taken hold, we removed two of the existing gate valves, replaced with new valves and gaskets, using the existing bolts/nuts/washers.

Then we allowed the pipework freezes to thaw and checked for leaks.

We then repeated the same procedure on the remaining five gate valves.

Lastly, we replaced all previously removed hammerclad pipework insulation.


Result of works

The Royal Exchange now have new gate valves and everything was left in good working order.

Plus, the site was cleared of all redundant items upon completion of work.


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