Six Tot Taps & Gate Valves for Pfizer



Client – The Austin Company

Site – Pfizer

Site Location – Sandwich, Kent, CT13

Sit Visits – Three

Contract Duration – Four working days – work carried out during normal working hours

Project Assignment –Supplied and installed Six Hot Taps complete with 80mm full bore gate valves 


Six Hot Taps Complete with Valves

Services Supplied –

Two of our experienced engineers attended the site to carry out our hot tapping services to add six hot taps and six bore gate valves/stainless steel ball valves to 100mm CHW (four valves) and LTHW (two valves) flow and return pipework.


Highlights of Services Completed Included

Site Visit 1

Our skilled engineers visited the site to plot the measurements for the welding of the first stage connections for hot tapping.

We then went back to our inhouse workshop and fabricated all six flanges.

Sit Visit 2

We returned to complete the welding and pressure testing, ready for the hot tapping to take place at another stage.

Site Visit 3

On our last visit for this project, we bolted the six 3inch ball valves onto the welded connections, which was four for the CHW pipeline and two for the LTHW pipeline.

Next, we made all six valves live by drilling through.

Pfizer are now able to add a new line fabricated from the valves for later use.



Pfizer were extremely happy with the result, they can now add a new line at a later date from the new valves installed.

Services were left to run uninterrupted as we made live connections to live pipework.




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