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Once again, our specialist pipework services were requested after a leak was reported at a School in Merton, Surrey.  To find out more, please read our case study below detailing how we resolved the damaged pipework.

Pipework Services

Client – FES FM

Site Location – Raynes Park High School, Merton, Surrey

Contract Duration – During normal working hours


The brief – Underground water supply pipework repairs

Damaged incoming 90mm water supply pipework, running outside underground from the tennis court to the football pitch.

Highlights of Industrial Pipework Services Included –

Our team of engineers attended the site to excavate the underground water supply pipework with a mini digger. We created a trench approximately 4m long and 1m deep, to expose enough of the existing PVC pipework to be able to repair the water leak.

For safety reasons, we supplied approximately 10m of Heras fencing (5m on either side of the trench), to prevent any accidental falls into the trench.

Once in the trench, our supplied mobile generator and submersible pump was used to remove the excess water.

To stop the flow of water we supplied and applied two compression clamps at each end of the pipework within the trench. Our engineers squeezed the pipe to stop the leak. This then allowed us to cut out the damaged section of the pipework and supply/replace with new pipework. To connect the old and new pipework together, we used two slip couplings.

After the new pipework safely was installed, we were then able to release the compression clamps to fill the new pipework with water and check for leaks.

Lastly, once we confirmed the pipework was in good working order, we backfilled the trench with soil previously removed by the mini digger and left ready for new grass to be installed by others.

Following on from this, our team removed the Heras fencing from site together, along with all the other materials supplied and left the area clean and tidy.

All redundant items were disposed of at a licensed refuse/recycling facility.

Result –

In conclusion, the reported water leak was resolved due to the damaged section of the pipework being replaced to allow for the water to flow through.

The contractor was happy with our services and swift time we carried out the works.



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