Leaking Mains Water Pipe


Pipe Freezing Services for the NHS

To Repair a Leaking Mains Water Pipe


Client – Crawley Hospital, part of Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust

Site Location – Crawley

Contract Duration – Out of hours, for one evening

Task Appointed

Repair a leaking mains water pipe with our pipe freezing services


Highlights of Pipe Freezing Services Completed Included

Two of our skilled engineers were called to Crawley Hospital to repair a leaking mains water pipe in the riser.

To achieve this, the team needed to remove the old pipework which was approximately three meters long.

The mains water pipe was copper, and we used liquid nitrogen to freeze the top of the pipe.

Once the pipe was frozen, we then removed the old pipework and braised up a custom part which we fabricated in our workshop, together with two slip couplings.

Now that the old leaky pipework had been fully replaced. Our team then flush tested the pipework to ensure there were no leaks and everything was in good working order.

Lastly, the site was cleared of all items and disposed of at a licensed refuse/recycling facility.



Our team attended the site out of normal working hours, which meant there was little disruption to services.



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