Pipe Freezing to Isolate Pipework

Pipe Freezing carried out on Two CHW Pipes

Client – JTL Engineering Services Ltd

Site Location – Croydon Data Centre, Croydon, Surrey

Contract Duration – One Day




Highlights of Services Included

Our engineers attended the site during normal working hours. Firstly, removed the existing pipework insulation on two CHW pipes and set aside for reinstallation later.

Secondly, applied pipework freezes to the CHW pipes using freeze jackets and liquid nitrogen. Once the pipework freezes had taken hold, it allowed JTL engineers carry out their works.

Lastly, we reinstalled the insulation and cleared the site of all pipe freezing equipment and redundant materials.


Result of  Works

We provided successful pipework freezes as required.



Pipe Freezing Services by IDWe Ltd

Pipe Freezing Services by IDWe Ltd



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