Pipe Freezing on Copper Water Mains

3 x Pipe Freezing

Client – Campbell West Mechanical 

Site Location – Frimley Park Hospital, Surrey

Contract Duration – Out of hours, from 9pm to late


Highlights of Services Included

Our engineers attended the site at 9pm during the week to carry out the works agreed.

We were asked by our clients to carry out three pipe freezes on 3 inch copper water mains to stop the water flow before our clients carried out their works. This was to save draining down the whole system – which saves time and money.

Once our clients works had been completed, we allowed the pipe freezes to thaw and checked the pipework.

Lastly, we ensured the site was cleared of all pipe freezing equipment and redundant materials.

Pipe Freezing using Liquid Nitrogen


Result of  Works

We provided three successful pipework freezes as required.



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