Six Pipe Freezing Assignments



Six Pipe Freezing Assignments at Tower 42

Site – Tower 42

Client – CW Fire Protection Service Ltd

Location – Tower 42, London, EC2

Contract Duration – Three separate out of hours visits


Services Supplied:

To carry out 6 liquid nitrogen pipework freezes for Tower 42, to isolate the pipework for CW Fire Protection Service Ltd maintenance works to take place.

Services Completed Included:

During three separate visits to the site, during out of normal working hours, our highly skilled team of engineers carried out six liquid nitrogen pipework freezes.

Using freeze jackets and liquid nitrogen, our skilled engineers isolated the pipework to allow for CW Fire Protection Service Ltd maintenance work to be carried out.

Once the work was complete, we allowed the pipework freezes to thaw, so that any potential leaks could be found.

Plus! We were also required to manufacture 3 x channel brackets that were 3 meters tall and span 2 meters wide and painted with red oxide paint.

The site was cleared off all redundant items and was left clean and tidy.


Six successful pipe freezes all completed out of normal working hours, within the time required.


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