Pipe Isolation to Install a 35mm Valve

Using Pipe Freezing rather than draining down the system


Client – T2 Building Services Ltd

Site Location – Cross Building, Ealing Cross, London, W5

Contract Duration – One Day, Weekend Works




The Client’s Brief:

To install a 35mm Valve to boost the cold-water supply for others to connect onto.

Key Highlights of Services Included:

The customer didn’t want to drain down the pipework system, instead wanted to isolate the pipework. Our pipe freezing services were then required to stop flow of a 54mm copper cold water pipe.

To achieve this, our engineers applied a freeze jacket above and below where the new 35mm valve was to be installed. They then poured in liquid nitrogen into the freeze jacket and waited for the area to freeze.

Once the pipework freeze had taken hold and the area was completely isolated, our team could install a 35mm Valve with a cap end.

Next, our engineers released the freezes, allowed the pipework to thaw and checked for any leaks.

After completion of checks, we vented the air for pressure and covered the pipework with insulation.

Lastly, the team then cleared the site of all redundant items upon completion of our works and disposed any items a licensed refuse/recycling facility.


Result of  Works:

As it was decided to not drain down the whole system and use pipe freezing services, there was minimal disruption to services.

In conclusion, the valve was ready to be used to connect onto the cold-water supply.




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