Pipework Freezes


Pipework Freezes Services

Client – The Austin Company

Site – Pfizer

Site Location – Sandwich, Kent, CT13

Contract Duration – Three working days, carried out during normal working hours

Assignment – We were asked to carry out 25 pipework freezes to various sized pipework, to include the supply and fitting of the flanges and the valves/plugs.

Numerous Pipework Freezes and Isolation Valve Installations at Pfizer


Highlights of Pipe Freezing Services Completed Included

Prior to carrying out any work, we attended the site to remove pipework lagging, verify pipework sizes and prepare RAMS in advance.

Pipework freezes were carried out across four locations at Pfizer’s offices in Kent.

Our team started out by freezing two 100mm pipes and two 50mm pipes. Once the pipework freezes had taken hold, we then cut each pipework back, we then welded on the flanges, then supplied and installed the valves/plugs.

In another location within Pfizer, we carried out two pipework freezes, once the pipework freezes had taken hold, we then cut the pipework back and threaded the pipework insitu. Next, we then supplied and installed two 50mm valves/plugs.

Several other pipe freezes were carried out including CHW & LTHW pipework.

A total of 25 pipe freezes were carried out.

The site was cleared of all redundant items upon completion of work and disposed of at a licensed refuse/recycling facility.



Our clients were extremely happy with all the work carried out across several locations at the site. Services were left to run uninterrupted, and all pipework was left in good working order. We were then called back for another project at a later date.



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