Pipework Freezing, Welding, Two Hot Taps



Pipework Freezing, Welding and Hot Taps


Client – Ashlyns School

Location – Berkhamstead, Hertfordshire

Contract Duration – One days work

Task Appointed – Adding two hot taps in readiness for future use as required


Highlights of Services Supplied Included –

Our engineers attended the school during normal working hours to carry out pipe freezing to the 180mm flow pipework.

Once the freeze had taken hold, we removed the existing cap on the pipework and drained any water, then weld on the existing cap. Next we allowed the pipework freeze to thaw and checked for leaks.

Repeat the process for he return pipework.

Lastly, weld a 2inch socket onto each pipework then ‘hot tap’ a valve complete with a plug onto the pipework.

We then ensured the site was left clean and deposed of any redundant items at a licensed refuse/recycling facility.



The school can now add a new line to the pipework when they wish.

Everything was left in good working order with minimal disruption to services.



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