Pipe Freezing Contractor at London City Airport

As London’s Leading Pipe Freezing Contractor, our services were requested at London City Airport. Please read our case study below:

Client – London City Airport

Site Location – London City Airport, Hartmann Road, E16

Contract Duration – Three Days – In and Out of Hours



Eight Pipe Freezing Isolations and Valve Installs

The Brief

The Hithes Restaurant redundant pipework needed to be removed safely because of it’s closure.

Summary of Removal of all Redundant Services Supplied:

As a Pipe Freezing Contractor, our services were required for the isolation and removal of all redundant services within the Hithes Restaurant due to it’s closure. Focusing on the LTHW and CHW pipework, which feed the area within the Hithes Restaurant.

Key Highlights of Services Included

  • Firstly, our engineers attended the site out of normal working hours, to carry out eight pipe freezes with liquid nitrogen. The Liquid Nitrogen Pipe Freezes were on the LTHW and CHW flow and return pipework. The redundant pipework was located above the ceiling, which used to feed old fan coils in the restaurant.


  • Following on from this, the New valves were installed as close as possible to the branches on the main flow and return pipework, to avoid further dead legs.


  • After that, our engineers removed any pipework externally, that was no longer required and drained to a local drainage system.


Removed Redundant Pipework:

  • Within normal working hours, the team returned to site and stripped out all the LTHW and CHW redundant pipework from the ceiling slab.


  • Next, our engineers disconnected and cut back the redundant pipework, feeding the ground floor heating and cooling system.


Returned Back to Site:

  • Once again, we returned to the site, and removed the ceiling, to access the no longer required fan coil outside.


  • Similarly, we disconnected and isolated the LTHW and CHW pipework, feeding the redundant fan coil and two further branches, which fed the previously removed units.


Pipe Freezing was Required:

  • In addition, pipe freezing was required to isolate the pipes, to allow us to then drain down the contents to a local drainage system.


  • After that, our engineers stripped out all redundant pipework, with the avoidance of creating dead legs. Ensuring the pipes were no longer required, the LTHW and CHW pipework was removed.


  • Lastly, cleared the site of all redundant items upon completion of our work, and disposed of at a licensed refuse/recycling facility.



In conclusion, the requested removal of all redundant services for the Hithes restaurant, was completed and the new valves installed with minimal disruption to services 

Above all, our Pipe Freezing Services supported the removal of pipework, to stop the flow without the need to drain down the entire system.  



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