Valve Replacement on the LTHW & in Farringdon, London

Failing DRV and Butterfly Valves

Client – QuanTec HVAC Solutions

Site Location – Nexus Building, Farringdon, London

Contract Duration – One day, Out of hours (Saturday)



The Brief 

The client wanted to carry out repairs to their boiler however, the current valves connected to the boiler were failing as they were unable to close. Therefore, the client required pipe freezing services to isolate the pipework and replace the broken valves. Then it would be possible for the boiler maintenance works to take place.

Summary of Services Supplied

To isolate the area with our pipe freezing services and replace the failing two DRV Valves and one Butterfly Valve.

Key Highlights of Services Included 

Our engineers attended the site out of hours to carry out the following works:

Part 1

  • On the LTHW flow pipework we applied two 100mm liquid nitrogen freezes above the boiler. Once the freezes had taken hold, it was now safe to replace the valves.
  • Our team then stripped out and replaced the existing 100mm DRV Valve and 100mm Butterfly Valve.
  • Lastly, we allowed the freezes to thaw, and our engineers checked for any possible leaks.

Part 2

  • On the main LTHW return, we applied a 150mm liquid nitrogen pipe freeze, to stop the follow.
  • The works were safely carried out by stripping out and replacing the 150mm DRV Valve.
  • Our team then released the freezes and checked for leaks.

Lastly, the site was cleared of all redundant items upon completion of our work and disposed of at a licensed refuse/recycling facility.

Result of  Works

The client was happy with the works, their two DRV Valves and Butterfly Valve were left in good working order and there was minimal disruption to services. The three new valves made it safe for the maintenance on the boiler to be carried out by others.


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