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Hot Taping Services to a CHW pipework

Site – SOAS Gallery Building, Brunei Gallery

Client – Burgate Plumbing & Heating Ltd

Location – Russell Square, London, WC1

Contract Duration – One morning during normal working hours

Task Appointed – Supply and install two 54mm stainless steel hot taps complete with isolation valves to the existing chilled water pipework (CHW) flow.


Highlights of Services Supplied Included –

Our hot tapping specialist team attended the site to access the CHW via the existing scaffold within the riser.

We supplied and installed two 54mm stainless steel hot tapping bosses, complete with isolation valves to the exiting CHW flow and return pipework within the riser. Once the bosses had been installed, we mounted the hot taping drilling rig and penetrated the pipe live, isolated the valve and removed the rig.

Next, we then drilled one of the CHW pipework sections so that the same can be left with an isolation valve installed ready for connections by others later.

Our skilled team, then repeated the above sequence on the remaining pipework.

Lastly, we ensured the site is cleared of all redundant items upon completion of our work and disposed at a licensed refuse/recycling facility.


A good result

The team left everything in good working order and there was no disruption to services.

The client was pleased with the new working hot taps and being able to start a new line when required.


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