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Looking for local experienced engineers to carry out Hot Tapping Services? As a Commercial Hot Tapping Contractors, our team have been helping customers across East Sussex for over 30 years.

If you require a new branch from the existing pipework, we make live connections to install Valves, without the need to shut down the entire system. This can be done by either Hot Tapping, installing a clamp-on-boss or saddle and drilling the pipework live.

In addition, this means no disruption to services saving you time and money!  

What’s your next project? As a Commercial Hot Tapping Contractors, we have an expert team who can help with your bespoke requirements.

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What is Hot Tapping?

Hot Tapping Services is the method used by Hot Tapping Contractors to modify pipework to install a Valve to enable a new branch.

The benefit of using a Hot Tapping Contractors

If your project is extending the existing pipework, the benefit using a Hot Tapping Contractors, is they can tap into live pipework to create a new branch, without draining down the system. In conclusion, this is a much quicker process rather than draining down the entire system.

Read about our clients latest hot tapping projects. 

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Providing Pipe Freezing Services to London and the South East

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the purpose of hot tapping?

    It’s the process of carrying out Hot Tapping Services to make new connections to live pipework, without the need to drain down the entire system.

    After that, you can then create a new branch to feed into your future pipework extension plans.

  • What are the risk assessment for hot tapping?

    When working with pressurised pipelines, there can be certain risks that we assess before carrying out this service. For example, when the drilling equipment pressure exceeds the pipeline pressure, there is a chance of a blowout hazard.

  • Can you work out of hours?

    Yes! We can work out of hours.

    This includes evenings, weekend works and nights.

    Simply speak to a member of our team about your requirements on 0208 302 7644.

  • Are you a Commercial Hot Tapping company?

    Yes serve commercial companies across London and the South East. With decades of experience, the IDWe team deliver quality service through our in-house, highly accredited and qualified team of engineers.

  • Which areas do to you cover?

    We cover across London and the home counties.

  • Can you reach pipes high up?

    Access should not be a problem, we have the necessary equipment to help carry out our services.

Our Services

What can we do for you?

  • Pipe freezing

    Looking to make pipework/valve modifications? Our team can isolate the pipework using liquid nitrogen. There is no need to drain down the system therefore, minimal disruption to services.

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  • Hot Tapping

    Require commercial hot taps? With our Hot Tapping Services, we can install hot taps if you require a new branch connections.

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  • Valve Replacement

    Need to isolate pipework and install a new gate Valve, Butterfly Valve or more?

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  • Pipe Welding Services

    Our in-house workshop can manufacture bespoke pipework to fit your requirements.

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A Commercial Hot Tapping Company 

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