Pipe Freezing on 150mm Sprinkler Main

IDWe Ltd, is a Pipe Freezing Company and we were asked to isolate the sprinkler main pipework to allow for modifications to take place. What’s more, our services provided an alternative to draining down the entire sprinkler system, which is time consuming and costly.

Client – Besseges Fire Protection (Sprinkler Contractor)

Site – BBC

Site Location – Elstree Centre, Borehamwood, Hertfordshire

Contract Duration – One shift (out of hours)


Pipework Isolation using Liquid Nitrogen

The brief –

The contractor was assigned to introduce an isolate valve for future use and connections. However, the contractor was unable to isolate a faulty incoming isolation valve. In light of this, additionally required a Pipe Freezing Company to stop the water flow for works to be completed.

Highlights of Pipe Freezing Services Included –

Our team of engineers attended the BBC Elstree Centre, in Borehamwood, outside of normal working hours, along with the Sprinkler contractor who was to be in attendance while we completed all the necessary isolations.

To isolate the area, we had to gain access to the pipework to carry out our pipe freezing services as it was located higher up, we used specialist access equipment.

Once in position, we removed the lagging and pull trace heating away from the pipework. Applied a freeze jacket around the 150mm sprinkler main. Afterwards, our engineers safely poured liquid nitrogen into the freeze jacket to freeze and stop the flow.

After that, the Sprinkler Contractor could complete the required works to install the new isolation valve.

Following on from this, we allowed for the sprinkler installation to be carried out by others.

Lastly on completion of works, the site was cleared of all redundant items, access equipment and left clean and tidy. All redundant items were disposed of at a licensed refuse/recycling facility.


In conclusion, IDWe Ltd worked in conjunction with the sprinkler contractor towards the end goal of introducing an isolation valve for further use and connections.

The contractor was happy with our services and swift time we carried out the works.


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