What is Pipe Freezing?

What is pipe freezing is a common question. It’s a method you can use to modify and restore pipework. What’s more, pipe freezing is a non-invasive, regulated method, using liquid nitrogen to isolate pipework, allowing you to carry out pipework modifications. By carrying out Pipe Freezing, there is no need to drain down your pipework systems – saving you time and money by just freezing it!


Pipe Freezing Explained: What is Pipe Freezing?

To help explain What is Pipe Freezing in more detail we’ve asked Ross Twyman, IDWe Ltd’s Pipe Freezing Expert.

Below Ross has answered below some typical questions he gets asked daily:

What is Pipe Freezing with Ross Twyman

Does pipe freezing work?


How does pipe freezing work? 

Firstly, you fit a pipe freezing jacket, apply liquid nitrogen onto the external surface of the pipe where the jacket is sitting. The nitrogen then cools the exterior of the pipe enough for the liquid to solidify. The frozen fluid isolates a section of the pipe so that repairs or modifications can be carried out.

What temperature do pipes freeze?

It is around -196 Degree Celsius.

Is pipe freezing widely used?

Yes, pipe freezing is commonly acknowledged as a safe, reliable, and highly cost-effective method. As it cuts losses of expensive liquids when draining down the system for example, treated water. It’s less time consuming, generally saving you time and money.

Should I worry about pipe freezing?

To ensure safety measures are meet, you should allow a pipe freezing specialist team to manage the process for you.

Can you carry out pipe freezing for all pipelines?

Most pipework you can, except if it’s plastic. You cannot freeze plastic pipes.


Discover how we have recently helped our clients with their requirements, read below:

Pipe freezing

25+ Pipework Freezes and Isolation Valve Installations at Pfizer

Prior to carrying out any work, we attended the site to remove pipework lagging, verify pipework sizes and prepared RAMS etc. We were asked to carry out 25 pipework freezes to various sized pipework to include the supply and fitting of the valves/plugs.

Please read the full case study here


Pipe freezing

Leaking water mains and custom made pipework for the NHS at Crawley Hospital

We were called to repair a leaking mains water pipe with our services by removing the old pipework which was approximately three meters long and replacing with a new pipe that was built at our workshop.

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Installed Isolation Valve for the BBC

Our engineers cut out and supplied/installed a new section of the pipework using unions, complete with a new 1.25” isolation valve.

Please read the full case study here


How can we help you?

If you need to change a leaking valve, or make any other pipework modifications, call IDWe Ltd’s specialist team. We can isolate the pipework, rather than considering draining down the system – we’ll then save you time and money.  In conclusion, if you need to make connections to live pipework, find out more about our hot tapping services

Paul Neve heads up the team here at IDWe Ltd. He has over 30+ years’ experience helping customers with their pipe freezing requirements.

His team operates in Greater London, Kent, East Sussex, Essex, Hertfordshire, Surrey, West Sussex.

See examples of our work, please our read our case studies


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