Replacement of Butterfly Valves



Four Valve Replacements


Client – Ignite Facilities Management Ltd 

Site Location – Chiltern Court, Baker Street, NW1

Contract Duration – Out of hours, for one evening

Project Appointed – Replacement of three 100mm and one 150mm PN16 Butterfly Valves on Low Temperature Hot Water (LTHW) Pipework so that four port valves could be isolated at a later date.


Valve fitting Services key highlights:

Two of our highly skilled engineers went to Chiltern Court in Baker Street out of hours, for one evening to carry out four valves’ replacements.

We used liquid nitrogen to freeze the pipework to stop the water flow on the LTHW pipework.

Once the water supply had fully stopped, it was then safe to remove the old valves.

We then supplied and fitted three 100mm and one 150mm PN16 Butterfly Valves.

Lastly, we released the water isolation valve to fill the header pipework with water to check for any possible leaks.

The client will now be able to isolate and replace four port valves when required.



When everything was completed, we ensured the site was left clean, tidy and we disposed of all redundant items at a licensed refuse/recycling facility.

There was minimum disruption to their services and the client was happy with the services provided.


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