Hot Tapping Services for an old Pipeline



Hot Tapping Services – Brunel University London

Client – Brunel University London​

Location – Uxbridge

Contract Duration – Normal working hours​

Task Appointed – Hot tapping services to a very old pipeline with no disruption to the university’s daily water supply​

Services Supplied – IDWe hot tapping specialist team was authorised to cut into a live 180mm water main and provide an extra 63mm cold water service whilst keeping the existing water main uninterrupted.

The historic grounds of Brunel University, with its vast site, hotel and student accommodation, had no plans or isolation easily available.

The work they requested was to carry out hot tapping (which is a connection into a live supply). The builder exposed the old 180mm cast iron pipe ready for our specialist team to drill into the water mains, attach the drilling rig to the 54mm valve and socket.

After this they drilled through the cast iron and into a 6 bar water main, then withdraw the main drill and slug, and isolated the valve. The new connect was ready for our mechanical contractor to flush and connect the new service to the newly refurbish training block. ​

Result – All completed within normal working hours and no disruption to services.


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