What is Hot Tapping?




What are Hot Tapping Services?

To help explain in more detail…

We’ve asked Ian Wilford, our Managing Director.

Below Ian has answered a few questions that regularly come up when speaking to customers:


What’s hot tapping?

Hot tapping is the process that facilitates making a new connection to existing pipework. This connection allows for a new line or branch to be added, with no disruption to services.


What are the benefits?

You save time and money as you don’t have to drain the system down or isolate the system.

The pipework can remain in use while welding onto the live pipework.


Is there another name for hot tapping?

Yes, it can also be called pressure tapping.


What pipework can hot tapping be carried out on?

Water systems.


>>> Read how we have helped several clients with their projects below:


SOAS Gallery
We supplied and installed two 54mm stainless steel hot taps complete with isolation valves to the existing chilled water pipework (CHW) flow. Please read our case study here.


DPC Mechanical Ltd
Our team installed four valves onto the LTHW steel pipework and a drain valve onto the copper pipework. Please read our case study here.



Why chose IDWe Ltd services?

It’s a skilled operation and we have over 30 years’ experience in the trade.

We operate in Greater London, Kent, East Sussex, Essex, Hertfordshire, Surrey and West Sussex.

See examples of work, please our case studies here.




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