Hot Tapping Services



Valves Installed with our Hot Tapping Services

Client – DPC Mechanical Ltd

Location – Bromley-by-Bow, London E3

Contract Duration – 1 day

Task Appointed – New Valves Installed

Hot Tapping Services Supplied:

This is the second time we have been back to Bromley-by-Bow to deliver IDWe Ltd’s hot tapping services.

This time we focused on installing four valves onto the LTHW steel pipework and a drain valve onto the copper pipework.

Highlights of Services Completed Included:

LTHW Steel Pipework Valves:

Our team attended the site to install four valves by carrying out our hot tapping services on the LTHW steel pipework by welding 1/2inch sockets onto the pipework.

Copper Pipework Valves:

We isolated and drained down one of the 76mm copper pipework to the local foul drain. We then supplied and installed a mapress ‘T’ piece into the pipework section, complete with a drain valve. Next, we released the isolation valves to fill the pipework with water. To ensure everything was in good working order, we did a comprehensive inspection to check for water leaks.

Once the work was complete, we ensured all redundant items we disposed of at a licensed refuse/recycling facility.

The Result:

A happy client, as the new valves were completed within just one day, during normal working hours, with no disruption to services. They are now able to add a new service line to the original pipework when they are ready.


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